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Our platform is built for the pros – but it gives the convenience that beginners seek. It is advanced, intuitive, and user-friendly. This is to ensure that you spend all your time on email marketing and NOT in figuring out how things work. So, now be more than just a bulk email sender. Be a smart email marketer.

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A Reliable Email Marketing Solution Provider

EmailWorkz is your unfair advantage, enabling you with low cost email marketing solution. It’s much more than just one of the trusted bulk email providers. It’s a platform that understands your needs and grows with your business. Packing advanced features that are above-par for the top email marketing agencies, hand-in-hand with EmailWorkz, discover newer opportunities to turn your small business into a larger (and profitable) one.

What Do You Get With EmailWorkz.


User Friendly

You don’t have to be a tech geek, we will walk you through it.



Your requirements are unique – why shouldn’t your email solution be?



Our packages and pricing are designed to promote scalability


Features Packed

Our work doesn’t end with just sending out the emails. That’s where the real fun begins!

Some of Our Clients

We’ve one of the most diverse and dynamic portfolios.

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What are clients have to say about us

We’ve one of the most diverse and dynamic portfolios.

Email Marketing Pricing and Plans.


500 Emails (One time)



10K Emails



50K Emails



100K Emails


Few Questions You May Have

What is EmailWorkz?

EmailWorkz is one of the fastest emerging email marketing solution providers, offering a wide range of features to cover the distinct needs of various kinds of businesses. We make sending bulk emails and running smart email marketing campaigns easy.

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

At the moment, we accept PayPal. However, we are working hard to include more payment options in the coming months.

Can I Get a Demo?

We offer a free trial for a month so you can get acclimatised to EmailWorkz and see which package works best for you.

How is EmailWorkz Different from Other Email Marketing Platforms?

Apart from offering the widest set of features, we also offer highly-scalable facilities like SMTP relay. In addition, our dashboard is uniquely designed to suit everyone, from a beginner to a marketing pro, from a small scale business to a large scale one. And oh, EmailWorkz is EXTREMELY affordable.


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