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2 Hacks To Lower Your E-Commerce Email Marketing Cost, 2X Conversion

2 Hacks To Lower Your E-Commerce Email Marketing Cost, 2X Conversion

Take your personal example: Your inbox likely hand tons of emails from e-commerce sites, unread and in the promotional tab. Does it not?

While e-commerce businesses do see substantial returns from their bulk email campaigns – they wouldn’t invest that big of a sum on it, if not – few of them try to find opportunities to minimize their cost and optimize returns.

Are you one of them?

You can see game-changing returns from your e-commerce email marketing efforts if you get smarter about it and implement basic changes.

Lower the Cost of Email Marketing

It’s not a prevalent practice for e-commerce businesses to clean their email list. And it’s a big mistake that weighs down their budget.

It’s essential to regularly audit your email lists and take effective measures to maintain its good health.

  1. Foremost, you must delete all the invalid and bounced email addresses.

  2. Next, find out those subscribers who have never engaged with your emails. Get them out too.

  3. Third, find out those who only rarely engage with your emails and never click on your CTAs. You want to delete them as well.

  4. Finally, find out those who do engage with your emails but only rarely click on your CTAs and never convert. These are the people you want to work on.

They are those who you can convert with some more (and better) efforts.

The remaining of the subscribers on your list is good. Keep them.

After this clean-up, you will find your email list much lighter and better positioned to bring you more conversion.

Now, with fewer people to send emails to, you will save a significant sum in your email marketing budget.

Furthermore, a healthy email list – wherein a greater percentage of people are engaging with your emails – will boost your deliver ability. This will cascade to positively improve your conversion rate, since fewer of your emails will end up in recipients’ spam folder.

Increase Email Marketing Conversion

In the #4 point above where you enlisted the subscribers who “engage with your emails but only rarely click on your CTAs and never convert” – they are the people who bring you the opportunity to improve your overall email marketing conversion.

Their case clearly indicates that your email campaigns are falling flat to “convince” them.

So, evidently, you must make the necessary changes in your existing email marketing strategy.

Indeed, optimizing email conversion – especially for an e-commerce business – is easier said than done.

But with all the data that email marketing services for large companies avail us with now, you can effectively learn/understand the patterns and behaviors of the subscribers in question. From thereon, accordingly, you can make key changes in how you send them your emails, how your email copy reads, at what time do you send them the emails, what format do you follow, and more. You can optimize these key elements to better suit their needs, requirements and preferences.

We have covered email conversion in a separate post. Please read: How to Maximize Your Email Conversion Rate?


Note: Those recipients that are already engaging with your emails and converting decent, it still has the room for optimization to convert even better. But that’s a whole different topic altogether, ideal for another post.

Overall, in the larger scene, the above two steps…

  • Cleaning your email list

  • Re-strategics your email marketing for a select group

…assures to lower your email marketing cost and boost conversion.

In either of the steps, you require a reliable email marketing services agency or software solution by your side that provides you with relevant and adequate features. Find a good name, signup and stride forward confidently to ace e-commerce email marketing.

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