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3 Fundamental Tips To Run Successful Email Drip Campaigns

3 Fundamental Tips To Run Successful Email Drip Campaigns

Yes, running automated email campaigns is more challenging than what so many articles suggest. If you’re looking for higher conversion, it’s much more than just creating a series of emails and putting them on automation. It requires thorough planning, a unique copy writing style, and a data-driven nurturing strategy.

But then that said, the basics of it remain the same. For improved conversion, here are three fundamental tips to run successful email drip campaigns:

1. Get the right email marketing solution

If you don’t have the right email marketing software, all your efforts would likely be a waste.

Foremost, of course, you want to pick a solution that offers email automation in the first place. But beyond that, there are many nuances to it that you must consider.

Find one of the top email marketing solution providers that brings a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Sign up to its plan where you don’t have to share your IP address.

Make sure it has enough email workflows that get triggered by a range of events.

Remember, your email marketing ROI would only be as good as the software you’re using. If it packs powerful features, you will find a number of opportunities to drive conversion. If not, you will struggle.

2. Give subscribers exactly what they have signed up for

One of the biggest mistakes so many marketers make is they mislead their website visitors to subscribe. They exaggerate their value propositions.

Once these subscribers start receiving the emails that are below-par than what they signed up for, they either unsubscribe or stop engaging with the emails altogether. Both of these hurt the deliver ability, killing the potential conversion.

So, above all, don’t lie or exaggerate at the time of lead generation.

Be honest as to why someone should join your email list and what exactly will they get in return.

This way, you will only attract a targeted audience that wouldn’t exactly require as much time and resources in nurturing.

Next, offer these subscribers exactly what they have signed up for. Match their expectations with precision. If you have promised them a free email course, don’t include a sales pitch of your product in the third email. You will put them off.

Free eBook, course, consultation – they must *really* be free and not ‘hey, check out my product’.

3. Micro-segmentation and personalization

Unless someone signed up with the intent to buy your product in the first place, the transition from ‘why they subscribed’ to you pushing your products must be swift.

Meaning, the final stages of your lead nurturing process must be thoughtful. It is here, after all, when you start pitching your products. You must be careful to not sound too salesy.

The task-at-hand becomes effective through micro-segmentation and personalization.

First, you must segment your email list into micro-groups. This segmentation could be based on so many factors – right from the city these subscribers live in to the expected salary they make. (Knowing such details would require you to either have multiple fields in lead generation forms or have multiple highly targeted squeeze pages that focus on individual segments).

Once you have segmented your email list into small groups, you can then create highly personalized email copies.

Personalization, after all, is one of the most effective CRO techniques.

For instance, a Latino woman in Florida who makes $87,000 annually would have much different fitness needs vs. a white male in Newark who makes $43,000 a year.

Sending both a generic email would not necessarily convert. Contrarily, the chance of conversion is much higher if you send them personalized emails that factor their unique needs.

For powerful segmentation features, ensure you have signed up to one of the top business email service providers.


These are three fundamental tips to run successful email drip campaigns.

Of course, there are many nuances to it that will affect your conversion. For instance, the kind of email copies you write might not click with your audience. If your emails are too promotional, your deliverability rate might be low.

So, when running automated email campaigns, you must have an impeccable end-to-end strategy that considers all the various factors.

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