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5 Email Marketing Trends That Demands Your Attention

5 Email Marketing Trends That Demands Your Attention

Bulk email marketing services are still very much relevant. However, we’re past those days when email marketing was all about picking the fanciest templates and blasting emails to everyone on the list.

The ESPs have gotten much smarter in combating spams and recipients are tired of reading never-ending incoming emails.

Moreover, with competition so high in virtually every industry, business owners are required to opt for smarter approach to optimize email marketing cost and drive maximum ROI.

To tackle such challenges – from poor deliver ability to worse conversion –more of individuals and companies are opting to hire top email marketing agencies and advanced platforms.

But that’s not all…

A lot more changes and challenges (and opportunities) are expected.

To give you a heads-up, here are 5 email marketing trends that demand your attention:

1. Unique landing pages for individual segments

It’s not a surprise that more landing pages drive more conversion.

Here’s the biggest problem with email marketing campaigns. While most of them are decently personalized per segments, they lead people to the same landing pages.

It’s a mistake that has poor conversion written all over.

Different segments in your list not only need unique email copies, they also need unique landing pages that educate and inform them about your products according to their distinct needs, requirements, budget, preferences and conveniences.

Many companies use the same landing/sales/conversion page. That will change – albeit not by a large margin. But it will change nonetheless.

2. More powerful workflow automation

The hype of automation is everywhere. And rightly so!

Marketing automation drives a 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity and a 12.2 percent reduction in marketing overhead.

In fact, according to a survey, 49 percent of companies are already using marketing automation (and outdoing the competitors).

More of the companies, across B2B and B2C segments, will join the bandwagon to…

  • Improve engagement
  • Drive higher conversion
  • Boost up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell efficiency
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Increase productivity

In addition, the top email marketing platforms will improve their own game, offering much more powerful automation tools and options at a cost-effective rate.

3. Goodbye to fancy email templates

This should have gone by now already. But many market pundits believe might just be that year when we inch much closer to that reality.

Fancy email designs are one of the biggest leaks in email marketing campaigns, increasing the cost and decreasing ROI.

A large percentage of design-heavy emails end up in the Spam folder. They never see the day of the light.

Moreover, could very likely be the year when more emails are opened on mobile devices vs. desktop. And this is a big thing for e-commerce businesses, in particular, given we’re already seeing 23 percent YoY increase in mobile’s percentage revenue.

Mobile users neither have the space to enjoy the email designs, nor do they have the time and patience.

So, more marketers will opt for simple, short, media-free, plain-text email copies.

4. Evolution of data-driven strategies

Thanks to AI, we now not only have abundance of data, but we can also understand easily what the data says.

Email marketing campaigns will rely more on smart data, which will help their efficiency and effectiveness.

Segmentation and personalized, among other ends of the process, will see the biggest evolution.

Business owners will have more and clearer insights into why a person subscribed, what kind of emails they want, what value they are looking for, at what frequency and time they want the emails and other aspects.

With such insights, the ROI of the email campaigns will be easily optimized, and cost minimized.

5. More personalized and engaging campaigns

“Hey Beatrice”

That kind of personalized is, although effective, old.

The new kind of personalized will have the email copies effectively customized to the unique needs and circumstances of the recipients. This will be more prevalent in B2B segment.

The email copies will be personalized per the city and country of the recipients, the intent of the squeeze pages that brought them into your list, their occupation and income, and more.

Such emails will have more potential to drive higher engagement. And this is another big change we’re going to see.

Email marketing campaigns will be less of a one-way broadcast and more of two-way engagement. More companies will encourage recipients to respond to their emails. Among various benefits, this will help them improve their email deliver ability and build good brand value.


These are five big email marketing trends for that business owners, across industries, should pay heed to.

Of course, a whole lot of other things will happen too. And these are the changes that you must keep up with to drive more returns from your email marketing campaigns and edge your successful competitors.

So, the next year, go beyond bulk email marketing services. Add ‘smart’ to your strategy. Work along with top email marketing agencies or platforms and take your business to newer heights.

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