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7 Email Copywriting Mistakes That Can Kill Your CTR (And ROI)

7 Email Copywriting Mistakes That Can Kill Your CTR (And ROI)

You spent a lot of time and effort in generating leads and building a solid email list.

You even signed up to a powerful bulk email service provider.

But then you also did something that so many marketers do… You focused less on your email copy.

While it is the single most important part of the entire email marketing process, it’s also often overlooked. What you include in the email is of paramount importance. It requires a lot of time, attention, and thoughts.

You cannot simply plaster a CTA to a ready-to-use template, push the “Send” button, and hope for good returns.

There are many dynamics to email content that influence Click-Through Rate and conversion.

And as a smart marketer, you must heed to these dynamics so as to optimize your ROI.

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In that context, here are 7 email copywriting mistakes that can kill your CTR and email marketing ROI:

  1. A Very Generic Copy

A generic email has poor conversion written all over it.

The key to higher email CTR is personalization.

The email copy must be personalized to suit individual segments of your audience per their unique needs, requirements, and preferences.

When you convey to the recipients that you’re talking to them individually and that you understand their needs, they would instantly get hooked. This will boost your conversion.

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  1. Being Too Formal

Unless the email is transactional or has a context that needs a formal tone, your email copy should otherwise be informal.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it should be too informal with slangs and slanders in it.

But the overall tone of your email copy should be relaxed. It should feel to recipients like it’s coming from one of their friends who know and understand them.

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  1. Including Too Many (Vague) CTAs

Yes, it’s good to offer your customers some options. But it has its limit. If you’re bombarding people with too many options, you will end up confusing them; analysis paralysis, after all, is real and very common.

Moreover, too many options also take you further away from your original or primary goal. What if people choose Optional B when you wanted them to click on Option A?

This is a mistake many copywriters and marketers make in their email copy.

Too many Call-to-Actions in the email copy will confuse the recipients and lead to poor conversion.

As a general rule of thumb, have no more than 2 very definite CTAs. (In fact, you can repeat the same CTA a few times – if it makes sense – through different context and anchor.)

  1. A Long Introduction

People opened this email because they liked the subject line and are now looking for whatever that subject line promised them.

If your introduction is too long – that’s delaying recipients from getting what they are consuming this email for – they will quickly lose interest and leave.

So, at all cost, avoid long introductions in your email copy. Get to the point very quickly.

If the introduction is indeed needed, get creative and include that piece of information in the middle or bottom of the body.

  1. Never-Ending Length

You know this well…

People don’t have a lot of time. And even if they do, they still lack the necessary attention.

A long, never-ending email is a bad idea.

At large, you should focus on keeping your email short, direct and concise. Of course, there could be exceptions to this; not everything can be crunched into, say, 200 words.

But it’s important to not stretch the length of your email unnecessarily. Do not tell stories; do not include needless information.

Whatever additional or long detail you want to say, include it on the landing page where people would end after clicking on your CTA link, instead of including them in your email copy.

  1. Large Chunk of Texts

How you format email is just as important.

The key is to avoid complex and hefty design. Keep it very, very simple, unless the context of whatever you’re saying requires graphics.

And when talking about text content, you should focus a lot on its formatting.

The biggest takeaway here is to avoid writing long sentences and paragraphs.

Long sentences are not easy to understand. Long paragraphs are difficult to read or focus on; it’s easy to lose concentration when following the congested texts and lines.

So, have no paragraphs more than 2-3 sentences.

Make sure the chunk of your email text is relaxed, readable and easy to understand – especially on small devices.

  1. Grammatical/Punctuation Mistakes

This goes without saying.

Once the email is sent, you cannot change any part of it. It’s permanent. It’s gone. If there are any grammatical or punctuation errors, not only will it hurt your conversion but also your brand image.

So, before hitting that Send button, go through your email copy tens of times. Edit and proofread it over and again.

If needed, hire a professional proof-reader.


These are 7 critical email copywriting mistakes that can kill your email CTR.

Take your time in creating a kickass email copy. Hire a professional writer and/or copyeditor, if needed.

You spent so much time and effort on lead generation. You’re investing a significant amount of money on your bulk email service provider. A little more care and hard work can unlock you a much higher email marketing ROI.

Don’t get reluctant; walk a mile or two extra to ace your email marketing efforts with a killer email copy

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