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Email Policy

Email Policy

At EmailWorkz, we take pride in holding the highest of industry-standards and setting new examples. In line with that commitment, this Email Policy underlines the additional terms, outside those mentioned in Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, that apply and overlook all the communication generated through Services provided by EmailWorkz, on this website or through different channels operated by EmailWorkz, as well as by EmailWorkz reseller, distributor and business partner who have signed up for Services, unless otherwise mentioned. By using the Services of EmailWorkz to initiate any communication, you voluntarily agree to comply with this policy. EmailWorkz reserve the rights to suspend or terminate your access to the Services if, at any time, you’re found to not comply with this policy.

Your use of the Service, in any way or form, must comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, of EmailWorkz, applicable to the Services. It is your responsibility to read, understand and stay updated with the mentioned Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Your use of the Services, in any way or form, must comply with all applicable laws to you, as well as applicable laws to EmailWorkz and recipients of emails, which includes, but isn’t limited to, spam, security, terrorism, child protection, privacy, defamation, intellectual property, pornography, and obscenity.

You agree to not provide EmailWorkz, of any kind, at any time, sensitive data, as defined in the terms of service, which includes, but isn’t limited to individual’s medical condition, political opinions, religious beliefs, and race or ethnic origin. You are responsible to read and understand your obligations related to sensitive data.

Your use of Services, when initiating any communication, must comply with the established guidelines of EmailWorkz. Some of the common examples of practices that may violate those guidelines includes, but isn’t limited to, purchasing email lists, sending emails to non-permissible addresses, using third-party properties without proper permission, not including a functional ‘Unsubscribe’ link in each email, not complying with the recipient’s request to be removed from the mailing list within 10 days, not including your valid physical mailing address in each email, including any incentive that encourages recipients to forward the email to others, and sending emails to unspecified addresses.

To report any violation of this policy or for any other information, please contact EmailWorkz.

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