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How To Maximize Your Email Conversion Rate In 2020?

How To Maximize Your Email Conversion Rate In 2020?

What’s the point of a huge email list if the conversion is negligent?

Don’t be one of them who flex the number of email subscribers but hush down when it comes to driving value out of those subscribers.

Even a 100-email list is sizable if it’s bringing you adequate financial returns.

But, admittedly, email conversion is easier said than done now.

While emails remain a prominent communication channel for marketing purposes, there are certainly a few challenges that marketers must combat.

Low conversion is among those challenges.

It’s essential that you deliver a relevant and engaging email copy that hits home with the recipients and compels them to follow your Call-To-Action (CTA).

Here are five powerful tips to maximize your email marketing conversion rate in 2020:

1. Get your subject like correct

You wouldn’t convert until people open the emails in the first place.

One of the key influencing factors that affect the open rate is your subject line.

If you’re using a good bulk email sending services solution, go ahead and check the analytics. If the deliver-ability is good but the open rate is bad, you need to fix your subject line.

Now, there are many dynamics in creating a great subject line.

  • Consider the size. Keep it short and simple.
  • If fitting, use emoticons.
  • Use numbers and special characters.
  • Ask recipient a relevant question.
  • Include powerful aka emotional words.
  • Create a sense of urgency.

In addition, make proper use of the preview text. Use that space to add context to your subject line.

Furthermore, you must consistently A/B test your subject lines to find one that brings you the highest open rate.

2. Do away from the fancy templates

Extravagant email templates hurt your deliver ability.

Moreover, now more people use phones to access their email vs. desktop. Such fancy email templates aren’t always properly accessible on small devices, making the content difficult to consume.

So, as much as possible, stay away from design-heavy email templates. Meaning, avoid unnecessarily making your emails graphic-heavy.

Stick to the plain design that’s easy to comprehend and consume on mobile devices.

Remember, unlike other channels, when it comes to email, the context of your content is of utmost importance than the “way” you deliver that content.

3. Make the email copy engaging

Emails are a much personal form of communication channel. And that’s their biggest USPs. Don’t ruin that by sending highly formal, robot-like email copies that sound too transaction.

Recipients are more likely to engage with emails that are interactive in the first place.

So, you’ve got to be quite thoughtful when writing your email copy.

Start by first recognizing the objective of this email; why are you sending it and what exactly are you looking to achieve. Once you’re clear on that end, the copy would come a bit naturally.

Next, the easiest way to get it right is to assume that you’re writing this to send it to your friend. You wouldn’t talk to your friend in a formal way, would you?

Storytelling is a powerful element that you can use in your email copy to make it more emotional.

Avoid using hefty and unknown words. Ask recipients questions to keep them hooked. Make them feel that you are talking specifically to them through personalization.

The more engaging your email copy, the more time recipients will spend consuming it. And the more time they spend consuming your content, the more the chances of conversion.

4. Be thoughtful of your CTA

One of the biggest mistakes so many marketers make is to use boring and/or sales-oriented CTAs. Don’t be one of them!

The call-to-action must be thoughtful in the sense that it promises high value to the recipients. It must be relevant to their needs, requirements, and problems.

You must explain concisely why the person should click on the link and what exactly would they get on the other side.

Coming up with compelling call-to-action isn’t difficult. Just don’t rush through this. Take your time to give enough reasons to the recipients why they should “act”.

5. Have a killer landing page

Getting a click on one of your email links isn’t an end-all-be-all goal. It’s just a small step in your larger sales funnel.

The next step is actually converting that person into being your customer. This won’t be as difficult as many people assume, provided your email’s CTA was relevant. People have already clicked on the link; it shows some degree of their interest in whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Your landing page must be relevant and deliver all the promises that you made in your email. It must have a high value proposition.

As to how the page should look, it depends on visitors’ intent, your goals and the industry you’re in.

But, primarily, you want the landing page to be as fast in loading as possible. It must be responsive and easy to access on small devices.

In short, you won’t only want to provide people what they are here for – you also want to deliver them an exceptional browsing experience.


These are five powerful tips that assure you not just of maximum email conversion but also high ROI.

Email marketing isn’t as complex as is assumed by many. In the end, it comes down to how you talk to your audience and what value do you bring them for their time and money.

With a low cost email marketing software solution, you can easily run successful drip campaigns on segmented automation. Just be smart and have the right tools by your side.

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