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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here at EmailWorkz (“” “We” “Us” “Website” “Our”), we take the privacy of the users (“You” “Your” “Visitors” “Viewers” “Customers”) very seriously. So, we take all the necessary measures to safeguard their personal data against any and every unauthorized intrusion. This privacy policy documents our same commitment, underlining how we collect your data, how we use it, and how we protect it. It is one of our many attempts to bring the highest level of transparency in our operations, and establish trust with the users. Before continuing your use of this website, its resources and any of our services, you’re asked to review this privacy policy. If you do not agree to any of these clauses, you’re asked to leave. Otherwise, you’re providing us your full and voluntary consent.

What information we collect

We collect a range of information, by ourselves or through third parties, that you provide us voluntarily and involuntarily. Voluntarily, this includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address login & password, address, phone number, payment details, and domain name. In addition, other information is also recorded, including your order history, complaints, incidents, reviews, subscription details, and messages. The information is collected in different stages of the process of you visiting our website and using our service. EmailWorkz uses cookies, which you opt-in for, wherein users’ non-personal data is recorded automatically, by our, as well as the partners’, automated tracking technologies, with no voluntary participation from the user end. This includes, but is not limited to, users’ IP address, browser type, network type, device type, and browsing pattern. Note, the information collected this way doesn’t include personal details (like credit card, medical record) and they cannot be used to identify individuals. So, your identity remains safe and secured. You can control the use of cookies through your browser’s settings and preferences. In addition, in the course of your usage of the services, we may receive information regarding how and when you use the services, information associated with your account, information which includes, but isn’t limited to, IP address, browser used, and the actions you have taken within the application. We occasionally team with third parties, who come with their own respective terms and policies, to display advertising on our site, or/and to serve our advertising on other sites. Cookies or similar technologies are used for this purpose to serve you relevant ads. You can opt-out of this through your browser’s settings and preferences. If you’re based in European Union, please visit Aside from the above-mentioned ways, we collect users’ information through different sources which include, but isn’t limited to, blog, social media platforms, widgets, contests, joint marketing partners and public databases.

What we do with the collected information

The data we collect, they are meant to fulfill our services and deliver a better experience to the users. Foremost, we use the information you provide, or our system collects automatically, to offer our services and facilitate performance. We use it to promote our services to you, as well as others. We use it to resolve any user’s problem and improve our service, as well as the website. In addition, there are many ways we use the data, within the legal and regulatory boundaries, to serve and communicate with our users. It includes, but is not limited to: fulfill our services; personalize our services, contents, materials, and communication; analyze the use of our services; improve our services, content, and communication; send you informational and promotional content per your marketing preferences; send important notifications about the services; bill and collect money owed to us by the customers; enforce compliance with our terms, conditions, policies and applicable laws; communicate to facilitate the compliance with legal, accounting and security requirements; defend or prosecute arbitration, court, or any other legal proceeding; detect, prevent and investigate against-goodwill, damaging and illegal activities; transfer customer information in case of any business development, such as merger, acquisition, sale, liquidation, reorganization or more. In addition, wherever permitted by the applicable law, as well as in line with this privacy policy, we collect, compile and use the aggregate customer information for various purposes, including for analytics, internal analysis, and intelligence. We may share this information, to our internal team, as well as third-party partners, in aggregate form so to ensure no customer can be identified personally and that their privacy remains intact. Customers enjoy complete freedom to opt-out from the Services any time they wish. Every marketing communication sent to them by EmailWorkz come with ‘Unsubscribe’ button; you can opt-out of at any time. However, for certain urgent and essential communications, like support inquiry, security updates and in regards to terms of use of our services, we may send you emails even when opted-out. Data protection laws in your country may be more robust vs. in the country where the servers are based. If customers reside in European Economic Area (EEA), we may take several steps to protect their privacy. To fulfill our services and have global operations, we may transfer customer information from around the world (Cross-Border Data Transfers). EmailWorkz, in accordance to the privacy policy and additional terms, retains personal information, received through different means and channels, for as long as needed to fulfill services the information was collected for, to resolve disputes, to comply with applicable laws, and to enforce our agreements.

How we protect the collected information

Again, at EmailWorkz, we take users’ privacy very seriously. We take all the necessary precautions and measures, in sync with the latest international data policies, including GDPR, to ensure your personal information remains safe with us. We leverage the best server, advanced tools and state-of-art practices that provide extra layers of security. In addition, we also do manual testing from time-to-time to identify potential threats and loopholes. Our payment processing vendor uses industry-standards to protect customer information during and after the completion of the transaction. This said, guaranteeing complete data protection is not objectively possible in this ever-changing internet world when new threats pop every day. While we take all the possible steps to safeguard your data from piracy or hacking, we cannot guarantee against any event that includes data breach. If such an event ever takes place, we undertake, but with no obligation, to inform the affected parties, and make best efforts to neutralize the intrusion and minimize the impact. We are not liable to any loss that users sustain in such events. Read our terms and conditions to know more about this. We will never use information from your contact lists, except for legal requirements, to invoice, to summarize our own statistics, and to provide customer support services.

Additional Clauses

Under no circumstances do we sell or share our users’ data with anyone, except stated otherwise, or falling within the lines of our privacy policy and terms and conditions. However, in case the situation arises when we’re demanded data and cooperation by law enforcement or regulatory authorities, to supplement legal proceedings and investigations, we reserve the right to use our best judgment, keeping in view the users’ goodwill ahead. To fulfill our services and other obligations with the users, we naturally share limited user information, with well-defined restrictions and measures in action, with world-recognized and trusted third-parties, which includes business partners, service providers, and advertising partners. When using any service, or a component of it, that involves third-party, you’re bound by their respective policies and terms and conditions.


If a person has submitted personal information pertaining to you to subscribe to any of our service and/or content, through this platform or any other, and you wish to exercise any right to access, port, correct or delete the personal information, kindly inquire with the respective customer directly. In case if you submit that request to EmailWorkz, within our limited capacity to access customer personal information, we will refer your request to the customer in question, within the framework of required applicable law, to support them, as needed, in responding to your request. To serve your requests better, to provide you more value, convenience, and relevance, to improve our personalized solutions and communications, we may combine your personal information collected through different sources, per this privacy policy and with all the safeguards in place, to treat the entire set of information as personal information. As a customer, if you’re an agency, reseller or affiliate, you may import the personal information, into our system, that you have collected of your own customers. We may transfer the information to our services providers and use it, in-line to this privacy policy, for various purposes. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the permission, from your customers, for us to collect and process their information. Emails aren’t meant to send confidential information. Most of them end up in unencrypted inbox that server administrators can easily access and read. So, please do not use the services of EmailWorkz to send confidential information. To maintain high compliance with our terms, conditions, and policies, as well as the applicable laws, sometimes, we review the content of the emails campaigns of our customers. To further improve that process for ease and convenience, we even deploy software, employees and independent contractors. This is done solely for compliance purpose, as well as to actively reduce the number of spam communications sent through our servers and ensure high deliverability. Our Services aren’t marketed to minors. Knowingly, we do not collect personal information from children under the age of 13 years (16 years, in other jurisdictions). In relation to our services, if we come to know that we have collected personal information from a minor, we strive to delete that information promptly.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy, any time we want, as and when needed. Although we would let the users know of any such update, we’re not liable for it. So, you’re asked to keep an eye on this page to stay updated with all the changes. In case, at any time, any of the clause of this privacy policy, or any of our other terms, falls invalid or unfit, the remaining part of the document will remain enforced. Kindly check our terms and conditions, and other documents, to know more.

Contact Us

If you have any question, query or concern regarding this privacy policy, contact us. We assure to respond promptly.

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