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Here, at EmailWorkz, we commit to maintaining the highest of security standards in the industry, optimally protecting your, as well as your customers’, personal data. This page is an extension to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to bring more transparency in that commitment and provide you more information about our security.

EmailWorkz retains metadata like opens and clicks for only 31 days; minimal random content samples are retained for 61 days. The aggregated sending stats, spam reports, and suppression lists, which include bounces, unsubscribes and more, are retained indefinitely.

Our systems are hosted in state-of-art data centers around the world. In addition, we have several backups. So, in event of any unfortunate disaster where our data centers get affected and become unavailable, we have backup data centers to provide immediate operational recovery and ensure smooth business continuity for you.

To stay at the top of our game and follow the regulatory compliances effectively, we take the violation of our policies very seriously. And we have a dedicated team to spot suspicious activities, find system misuse and take immediate action. Examples of activities that violate our policies and guidelines include, but aren’t limited to, sending emails to people who don’t want to receive your emails, buying email lists, and not including ‘unsubscribe’ link in every email.

We take all the standard measures to provide maximum software security. Our applications get scanned on a regular basis to detect any signs of vulnerabilities and data leakages. We encrypt all your data in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Our dynamic testing provides sufficient checks and balances to thwart any possible risk and danger. In addition, our applications go through independent penetration test when needed which provides another layer of security, ensuring maximum satisfaction to our customers.

At EmailWorkz, our security efforts go even beyond system security, spanning even to human-threats. Access to our systems is restricted to only limited individuals who are meant to provide you the necessary support and assistance.

Also, we do thorough background checks of our employees who have to sign confidentiality agreements. Our access removal process is very stringent and swift. We work very hard to create an ecosystem where our customer data security is treated as an individual and collective responsibility by our employees, who go through relevant training and briefing that enable them to detect early signs of threats and take prompt actions.

We have a no-compromise stand on the confidentiality of our customer data. We assure you of never partaking in any unethical practice, like selling your recipient email addresses and providing your data to others unscrupulously. So, you can remain assured that your data remains completely safe in our systems. For more information, please go through our privacy policy.

If you have any question or want to report any vulnerability in our system/services, please contact us.

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