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EmailWorkz Signals

As one of the top email marketing solution providers, we want our clients to achieve maximum ROI from their marketing efforts. EmailWorkz Signals – combining email delivery, analytics, and industry-wide data footprint and trends – help business owners predict their email performance. Know email issues before you send them, optimize your campaigns and keep your business un-impacted to achieve more.

Predictive Email Health Score

Ensure maximum delivery rate, deliverability, and overall success. Our Predictive Email Health Score enables you to monitor your email health easily. The predictive model tracks billions of message events across our email network (ISP responses, spam trap hits, bounces and more). Now keep track of your email performance in real-time, get actionable delivery health alerts, and optimize your email campaign quickly before any real damage.

Engagement Insights

What good are those sent emails if recipients aren’t engaging with them?! Our engagement insights arm you with rich data that you can use to better understand your email engagement patterns, unsubscribe reasons, and spam complaint rates. Following, you can optimize your campaigns by fixing the mailing frequency, analyzing cohorts that are driving complains, and peeking into various other variables.

Spam Trap Monitoring

Spam traps are a big roadblock in achieving optimal email performance. And it is something so many business owners hit eventually. EmailWorkz has the widest visibility across multiple commercial and non-commercial spam trap networks. Proactive monitoring of Spam Trap can help you minimize the risks, identify the possible problems, and make immediate fixes before things go out of hand.

Real-Time Alerts

Keep in sync with the pulse of your email performance all the time. Know when your engagement rate has dropped, bounce rate has increased, and you’re exceeding your sending limits. Enjoy easily-configurable notifications. Our robust filters and multi-channel adaptability provide you (and your team) the alerts on important metrics and sending resources that matter you the most.

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