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Why Every Blogger Needs To Build An Email List To Be Successful?

Why Every Blogger Needs To Build An Email List To Be Successful?

“Your job is to turn your blog into an email list growth machine, so you can build relationships and find your customer base,” believes Yaro Starak.

Yaro is a seasoned blogger-cum-entrepreneur who largely credits his email list for the $2 million worth sales he has made to date of his own digital products.

He isn’t alone!

Any smart and successful blogger would tell you just how outrageously important is email marketing in order to be successful.

Of course, this isn’t to suggest that other channels like social media and search engines cannot be tapped into to build a profitable blog. However, emails have a whole separate place in the game for the bloggers, packing seamless pros that other mediums can’t overdo.

If you’re still not on-board, here are 7 eye-opening reasons why every blogger must build an email list:

Personal Form of Communication-

Indeed, today, people’s inboxes are over-spilling with promotional emails. However, the medium itself remains personal; even more so for those who have good brand positioning, which makes them stand-out the crowd. For instance, when you get emails from your favorite bloggers or influencers, does that not feel good vs. seeing their static posts on social media platforms? Email still exudes its original personal touch.

Can be highly targeted-

Courtesy of top email marketing solution providers and the powerful segmentation features they offer, your email campaigns can be highly targeted. And higher personalization, not-so-secretly, is one of the best CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization techniques. So, when you send personalized emails to targeted segments, you’re assured of high returns.

Includes subscribers’ permission (and interest)-

When someone has subscribed to your email list, it comes as their permission to receive your emails. It shows their interest in engaging with your brand. This means the email list you’re building is adequately qualified to convert. This isn’t necessarily the case with, for instance, Messenger Marketing, where the recipients aren’t necessarily qualified.

Takes very little effort-

Once you have created a drip campaign and put in on automation, it’s a smooth ride from there. It requires minimum manual intervention on your end. New subscribers join your list, get segmented in the appropriate categories, get a series of emails from you, get nurtured and then eventually convert – all automatically.

You enjoy full control-

Were you active in building a business on Facebook back in 2012-2014, you would know exactly how hard the algorithm change in the following year hit the platform. Organic reach went low; engagement dead. Relying on any channel – be it social media or search engines – is a big mistake. This is where emails get an upper hand. Once you have people’s email addresses, you have full control over it. Even when you’re switching between business email service providers, you can take your email list with you.

Life-long asset-

For example, you run a tech blog now and has a good following base on Twitter. In two years, you decided to explore the food niche. Can you take those Twitter followers from your tech brand to the food brand? NOPE! With email, that’s not the case. Your email list is a life-long asset. You can take it wherever you go. When switching from tech to food, just a simple email to your subscribers asking for their permission for food-related newsletters is adequate to get many of them on board for your new venture.

Boasts high conversion-

Whether for acquisition, retention, or re-targeting, emails still has the highest conversion. But don’t take our words for it. We’ll let the numbers do the talking here. Here’s the survey result done by Ascend2…

These are 7 undeniable reasons why every blogger must build an email list. It is one of the most fundamental parts of becoming a successful blogger.

So, start your efforts today, build a large email list, and turn your blog profitable.

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Good luck!

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